Local 196

Bumping - 9/8/2008

Can I bump from one extra board to another?  Answer: No.

How often can I bump? Answer: In Beardstown we have a local agreement and a bump move is allowed once every 30 days. See Local Agreements in Downloads section.

What is a Rule 79 Bump?  Answer: When you can no longer hold a craft. For example, you're holding a Conductor turn in the North or South End Pool and then are displaced and you cannot hold that pool as a conductor any longer you will be allowed a Rule 79 Bump. A Rule 79 Bump means you can bump any junior employee but you will be subjected to a 28 day hold down if the hold down requirements have not been met. See Local Agreements in Downloads section for additional info.

What is a craft Hold down? Answer:  If you're working as a conductor and you bump or bid to the brakeman's extra board you will be subjected to a 28 day hold down. If bumping from a brakeman position to a conductor position the same appplies. You will be locked down for 28 days in that craft. Anytime you change your craft you will be subjected to a 28 day hold down per agreements.

When bumping from the extra board to the pool am I required to bump the Junior Conductor in that pool?  Answer: Yes, per From Extraboard to Pool Must Bump the Junior man in Pool(1990 Meeting)

When bumping to the extra board can I bump a junior employee? Answer: Per agreement you must bump the junior employee on that extraboard.

How do I get my questions answered? - 8/27/2008
Please use our contact page, and look us up we are here to help you.