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New Rate Tables - 9/26/2011

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New Rail Contract Ratified - 9/13/2011

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New Rail Contract Ratified

General Committee Website - 5/13/2009

Visit http://utugca.org/index.htm to download all the latest agreements and news. You can also download the latest productivity reports.

TY&E Vacation Recovery FAQ - 3/15/2009

TY&E Vacation Recovery FAQ

March 13, 2009

This week, employees began receiving letters outlining the details of how they were impacted by the vacation adjustment. The following are a few frequently asked questions about the letters and the impact.


Q.  Do I have to file an amended tax return because of this issue?


A.  No, employees actually received and paid taxes on the inflated vacation rates in 2008.

Therefore, the previous tax paid was correct. The 2009 recoveries will be taken from gross pre tax earnings, and will thereby reduce taxable income by the equivalent amount paid in 2008. The overall impact is a wash for 2008 and 2009 tax purposes.


Furthermore, we have corresponded with members from the IRS, our internal tax department, and an independent tax lawyer as requested by the Organization’s leadership team. The handling has been confirmed in compliance with tax code, and no further action is required on the part of the employees.  


Q.  Why is the vacation rate, on my letter, higher than the vacation rate showing on my 816?


A.  All employees received lump sum vacation rate adjustments last year. The payments were identified as a V8 payment on your 816.  These payments were makewhole adjustments for vacation that had already been used in 2008. V8 payments were made on June 30, August 15 and August 31 of 2008 (varied by craft). All unused vacation was then paid at the higher rate for the remainder of the year.  To view those V8 payments, you will need to rerun your 816’s for the appropriate pay period.  Since the V8 payment for the UTU back pay project was handled in a separate pay period, you can run that 816 by putting 2008 and “RG” in the pay period field.


In some cases, employees used all of their vacation prior to the V8 adjustment. Therefore, they only received the lump sum makewhole vacation adjustment. They did not receive vacation pay at the new rate because no vacation days were remaining.


In order to verify that your vacation rate is correct, you must take the sum total of all of your V8 payments and divide that number by the total number of vacation days taken in 2008. Adding that number to your original vacation rate will give you the actual 2008 vacation rate. That number should be reflected in your letter.


The formula is as follows:


(Original Daily Vacation Rate paid in 2008) + (V8’s divided by Total Vacation Days)


Q.  Why doesn’t my W-2 show the same earnings reflected in the letter?


A.   The 1/52nd vacation rate calculation generally includes all compensation in association to working in the TYE craft.  However, there are some items that are not included.  Those items are non-taxable items, such as meals at the away from home terminal, mileage reimbursement claims etc... Also not included would be any former BN UTU Productivity Fund payments, former Santa Fe BLET ICP or any bonuses in association to temporary transfer work or relocation allowances.


Also, W-2’s are based off of earnings actually received between January 1 and December 31 of each year. Vacation rate calculations are based on pay period 01 to pay period 24 earnings, even though pay period 24 earnings are not actually received by the employees until the following year.


      Therefore the W-2 is not an accurate indicator of earnings used for the vacation rate calculation.   


If you would like further assistance in understanding the details and your individual impact please contact Compensation Systems through the VRU.

Furloughs 2008(Letter addressed to VP Gregg Fox BNSF) - 12/8/2008

Please read the letter written to BNSF Vice President Gregg Fox from GC R.S. Knutson in regards to furloughs.



President Futhey's Letter From Denver - 9/8/2008
President Futhey's letter from Denver

Brothers & Sisters:

I am writing this as I return from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

A high point of my week was an invitation-only luncheon with Michelle Obama and Jill and Joe Biden on Friday, Aug. 29. 

What a privilege it was to hear Michelle Obama speak first-hand of her husbands' concern and support for working families, for making our tax code more equitable, for strengthening laws in support of organized labor, and investing in transit and Amtrak. Sen. Biden also voiced a similar message of support.

Sitting with AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Rich Trumka, in a box above the convention floor to hear Sen. Obama deliver his historic acceptance speech, was another special event.

I also had opportunity to meet with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, and House Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar of Minnesota -- who, incidentally, is among those mentioned as in the running to join President Obama’s cabinet as our nation’s transportation secretary.

I also had a chat with Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who shares many of our concerns about CSX and its management.

For sure, I was afforded these opportunities NOT because I am International President of the UTU. It is because the UTU has one of the largest political action committees (PACs) among organized labor, and one of the most effective Washington legislative offices.

The UTU PAC has helped countless labor-friendly candidates win and hold office, and those candidates never forget the assistance from our 125,000 active and retired members whose careers are, and have been, dedicated to keeping freight trains, intercity-rail and bus-passenger operations, and local transit on time and safe.

As high an honor as it was to represent UTU members in Denver, the real benefit of our political involvement occurs every day that the House, Senate and state legislatures are in session. It is on those days that UTU PAC contributions pay their compound interest, as our political friends -- those who share our dreams, our concerns and our sense of justice -- go to work for us in support of laws that advance the economic interests of working families.

Speaker Pelosi knew that many of our members are not Democrats. And she understood that the UTU is bipartisan in its political dealings -- that we support Republicans, as well as Democrats, so long as the candidate is labor-union friendly.

Speaker Pelosi also noted that the overwhelming majority of Democratic lawmakers vote in support of working families, and that is why it is so essential to keep the House, Senate, White House and state legislatures from being controlled by anti-labor conservatives, who would privatize and endanger Social Security and Railroad Retirement, forever block the Employee Free Choice Act, destroy Amtrak, cut transit spending, continue exporting jobs, and tilt our tax codes even more in favor of corporations and the super-wealthy.

I assured Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid and all our other friends in Congress with whom I met that what the UTU would concentrate on during this election season is to help elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the White House.

We will do this, I said, by concentrating our efforts in registering our members, their families, neighbors and friends to vote. And we will then devote our efforts to explaining in a positive way to our members why it is so essential they vote their paychecks on Election Day.

While working families have legitimate differences on various social issues, we all agree that goal number one is job security, as well as better wages, benefits and workplace safety. To achieve these goals, we depend on judges and regulators (nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate) who are labor friendly. A President Obama will make those appointments; a President McCain will not.

It was anti-labor conservatives who set in motion policies that eliminated labor protection in railroad short-line sales.

It is anti-labor conservatives who want to turn Social Security and Railroad Retirement over to the free-wheeling, private-sector financial whiz-bangs who brought us the Enron, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacles.

It was anti-labor conservatives who called Federal Railroad Administration safety inspectors "meter maids," and who oppose stiff carrier fines for serious safety violations.

It is anti-labor conservatives who are trying to eliminate the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA).

It is anti-labor judges to whom the carriers run for injunctions against strikes.

And it is anti-labor lawmakers and regulators who keep in place such horrendous laws and regulations that, for example, put a commercial driver’s license at risk for minor traffic infractions in a private automobile, or who impose degrading direct-observation drug-testing procedures.

These are our paycheck issues, which can insure or destroy a secure economic future for our families -- now and in retirement. A labor-friendly White House is essential to change in support of working families.

As I spoke with delegates, other labor leaders, and, especially, so many young Americans who traveled to Denver just to be part of the convention, I was reminded of John Kennedy's thrilling line from his 1961 inaugural address -- that, "The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans . . ."

Barack Obama is about change -- about change that will improve our job security, wages, benefits and workplace safety.

And this is why it is so essential that UTU members, their families, their friends and neighbors come together to help elect Barack Obama president on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

In solidarity,

Mike Futhey
International President

September 2, 2008
We have a new website - 8/27/2008
As of 08/27/2008, Local 0196 has a new website!